Features Include

Authentication Key Fob or Key Card Access

Billing Solution

Record keeping log of transactions available for download

Remote support

Before installing an EV charging point, we would strongly recommend a site survey which is free of charge.

During the site survey

Review the sites suitability for EV charging.

Check with the DNO (Western Power Distribution)

Look at you existing load, to check there is available capacity.

Review the Earthing requirements

Review the cable routes

Review location of EV Charging Point.

Review the existing switch gear

Make sure that the installation meets the 7671 wiring regulations.

Understand you requirements in terms of charging i.e. hotel, public facility or holiday home.

Provide a quotation for supply, delivery and installation.

Based on electricity costing 13p per kWh.

Charging a 30kWh Nissan LEAF will cost about £3.64 and give you about 115 miles of range.

Compared to fuel based cars to travel 115 miles based on 50 MPG fuel costing £1.28 per litre the same journey would cost you £13.38

The government current provide grants of up to £500 pounds per socket for home charging stations and work place charging stations.

To qualify for a grant you will need to make sure that you use an OLEV approved installer.

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Our Business Line Product provides facilities for...

Key Fob Access

Key Card Access

Payment Solution implement via QR Code

There are 4 modes of charging.

Mode 1 & 2 are simple and comprise of using a simple wall socket or a charging cable with in-cable control box.  Charging can typically take up to 12 hours.

Mode 3 provides a dedicated AC supply typical 32 A. Which can Charging can take approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Mode 4 provides a dedicated DC charger. Charging can take approximately 15mins - 30 mins.

You may also require extra facilities such as weather proof, payment solution, key fob access all of which we can provide..